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We offer a wide range of high-performance, low-recurring cost, and rapid-response spacecraft systems and components.

Attitude control systems
  • No matter the mission, the XACT is up to the task. Our integrated attitude control solution enables CubeSats to point with the absolute highest accuracy - much higher than that of previously available models.

    • Scale

    • pointing accuracy

      ±0.003 deg (1-sigma) for 2 axes; ± 0.007 deg (1-sigma) for 3rd axis

    • mass

      0.885 kg

    • volume

      10 x 10 x 5 cm (0.5U)

    • typical data interface


    • momentum capacity

      15 mNms*can also be used with external 100 mNms wheels

Star trackers
  • A reliable, high-performance design, our star tracker is compatible with a variety of CubeSat and Nanosat configurations, and includes an internal baffle and electronics.

    • Scale

    • attitude knowledge

      6 asec (cross boresight) and 40 asec (about boresight)

    • mass

      0.35 kg w/ baffle

    • volume

      10 x 5.5 x 5 cm

    • sky coverage

      > 99%

Standard NST
Reaction wheels
  • The Blue Canyon Technologies range of reaction wheels are built to provide your spacecraft with the precise combination of torque and momentum storage necessary to navigate a successful mission.Brushless DC motors, ultra-smooth bearings, and the BCT Reaction Wheel advanced lubrication system ensures low-jitter performance, and long life for your mission.

    • Scale

    • momentum

      0.015 Nms

    • mass

      0.130 kg

    • volume

      42 x 42 x 19 mm

    • max torque

      0.004 Nm

Power systems capabilities
  • Sold as part of our XB Satellites. We offer configurations ranging from simple body mounted panels to multi-wing deployed arrays with the option to gimbal up to two arrays.

    • Scale

    • power

      28W - 42W

Solar arrays
  • Our in-house designed and manufactured microstrip patch antennas and software defined radios are used for many spacecraft programs – including CubeSats, Nanosats and Microsatellites. Customization is available for RF capabilities.

    • Scale

    • power

      Can handle 10 Watts CW**(Connector, cable and substrate dependent)


NASA JPL_ Destination: Mars_ Objective: Accomplished a successful mission that tested out miniature spacecraft technology in deep space_ BCT Providing: XACT

Morehead State University_ Destination: Interplanetary_ Objective: Search for water ice on Moon_ BCT Providing: XACT

NASA MSFC_ Destination: Interplanetary_ Objective: Flyby of an asteroid with solar sail propulsion_ BCT Providing: 4 RWp015, Modified XACT, Solar Panels

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