We’re building over 90 spacecraft for government, commercial, and academic missions.

Integration& Test


Prepare for your mission properly with our advanced testing facilities. As part of our standard suite of environmental tests, we perform random vibration and thermal vacuum testing. Additional test capabilities include: star simulators, wheel balance apparatus, solar array deployment support hardware, thermal cycle chambers, and a Helmholtz cage.

To deliver the most reliable method of testing and operating for your mission, we always use the same software to test our spacecraft as we do to operate the spacecraft on-orbit. This cohesion ensures the interfaces and ground data- bases are the same throughout the lifecycle of the mission.

Integration,& Test


01_ Features
  • Provides scripts, C&T, and tools used throughout system test & operations.
  • Supports multiple missions and constellations.
  • Supports multiple ground stations and radios.
  • Automated and accessible.
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